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Volume 1, Chapter 6 Progress: 100%! (Last Updated 4/14/14)

Volume 1, Chapter 6 Done!


Two more plus an afterword to go.


Volume 1, Chapter 5 Done!

I’m feeling in the zone. Are you feeling in the zone?


Volume 1 Chapter 4 Done!



Breaking news!

UPDATE 3/19/2014: I’m still not quite done with final exams, but as a preliminary gift I’ve already translated and uploaded the first half of Chapter 4. Enjoy!

Hey all,

NanoDesu here. Some of you may have noticed that this project has ground to a halt recently. More specifically, Wintermance has gone completely AFK and despite our best efforts and most able rescue teams, we have been unable to retrieve him from the gaping abyss that is real life. So on the down side, I have to announce that Wintermance will no longer be translating Oregairu.

However, the upside of this situation is that this project is coming back with a bang. Here is the current plan:

(1) After I come back from my hiatus (which will end mid-March), I will personally finish the translation of Volume 1. This will be my top priority and I hopefully will get this done within a few weeks of my return (it all depends on how my RL work goes).

(2) We have tentatively found a capable translator who will pick up the translation from Volume 2. More details on this later.

All of this is still in the works, but I wanted to reassure our readers that we have been working very hard behind the scenes to ensure that this project gets the translation it deserves. So don’t worry, and look forward to Oregairu’s great revival!

Finally Back

This post is just to say that I’m back to translating and I will be updating regularly as I have done in the past. I am extremely sorry to all readers of this translation for my prolonged absence and I sincerely appreciate your patience. I hope you will continue to read and enjoy this translation. You can expect an update in the next day or two.


Wintermance currently in exam period

I just wanted to speak on behalf of wintermance and tell people that he’s in the middle of exams, and so progress will be slow for another week or two. He should be returning when his schedule clears a bit.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Editor position filled

Welcome to the staff Einander, the new editor for Oregairu.

We now have a new editor position up for grabs for Oregairu. Those interested should send an email to and follow the directions under the Editor heading on



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