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Volume 3, Chapter 6: 100% (Last Updated 12/07/14)

Main Content of Volume 3 Completed – Bonus Content to Go

Well, folks. The end of volume 3 is nigh. Chapters 5 and 6 are finished, which rounds off the main story of volume 3. All that’s left is the bonus drama CD. I’ve already finished the script for 7 out of the 11 tracks, so expect it to be released before the year’s end.

Enjoy the two chapters and have a good holiday!

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Chapter 4 done – I’m back in the game!

Great news! My exam period is pretty much over now, so I can focus on translating Oregairu again. I bring you chapter 4, featuring the date between Hachiman and Yukino. There’s plenty of stuff here that wasn’t in the anime, so I hope you enjoy it.

There’s some focus in this chapter on Yukino’s fixation with a soft toy called “Pan-san”. Though he was never referred to by name, Pan-san actually made a brief cameo in the anime. Here he is pictured below:

Pan-san the Panda

Pan-san the Panda

In other news, I initially forgot to upload an image at the end of chapter 2-5. It’s basically Hachiman and his sister having a conversation. You can access the image here.

Sorry for the slow updates lately…

As much as I’d love to work on Oregairu several hours a day, my final semester of undergrad is drawing to a close, so things are getting busier on my end, what with essays, exams and applications for further study. (I totally haven’t been wasting my time playing Love Live! School Idol Festival. Nope, not at all.)

I was hoping to get through volume 3 before the end of October, but it doesn’t seem like that will happen since we’re only a third of the way through of the novel. My schedule should loosen up around in November, though, so I can definitely guarantee volume 3 will be finished before the end of the year. Anyway, chapter 3 is done! Hope you enjoy it.

Volume 2 PDF and ePub avaiable

Hi everyone, sorry for the long wait. I’m happy to announce that Oregairu Volume 2 is now avaiable for download in both PDF and ePub formats! Enjoy!


- Whitesora

Volume 3 Start

Chapter 1 of volume 3 is up! Happy reading!

(EDIT: Chapter 2 is up as well!)

This is just a quick note from the translator, Frog-kun. Because of my other priorities, I won’t be working on this volume as quickly as I worked on volume 2. I do still want to get volume 3 finished by the end of October, hopefully. We’ll see how it goes.

For those of you who are curious about my thoughts translating Oregairu so far, I wrote a post about it on my personal blog.

As for the PDF/ePub versions of volume 2, please continue to be patient. They will be out soon. The final edits for volume 2 have already been done.

Volume 2 Complete!

It’s been a while since my last update, but I decided to finish the rest of volume 2 in one hit! A big thanks to my editor msirp for working so quickly and for pointing out when I take my love of dumb internet memes and Aussie slang too far.

I’ll be taking a short break from translating and starting work on volume 3 next month. Till next time, guys. Enjoy the volume!

Edit: The PDF/ePUB will be released after the volume goes through its final edits, as per usual.

Various Updates (And a Poll!)

Firstly and most importantly, chapters 2 and 3 are up!

Secondly, the colour illustrations have been translated into English. Thanks a lot to Rayne for the typesetting.

Thirdly, chapter 1 has been edited with a few more cultural notes. I managed to catch more of the references this time around. I have to thank the Japanese fans who compiled a list of references in the novels – they’ve made my task as a translator a whole lot easier.

Finally, I’d like to thank you readers for the support you’ve given us here at Nano Desu. A simple thank you means a lot to us, and while I don’t respond to every comment, I do take them to heart. So, bearing in mind that this is a project done for your benefit, I’d like to hear your opinion about the project going forward: how often would you prefer to have your updates?

The results obviously won’t affect the speed at which the translation will be completed overall. At the current rate I’ve been translating, volume 2 will be done by the end of July. The next chapter is very long, though (just shy of 120 pages), so it will take some time to complete. My own inclination is to post full chapters so that I don’t mess up the reading pace, but if enough readers vote otherwise, I will consider more frequent updates.

In any case, I hope you enjoy chapter 3! While it’s fun to translate Hachiman’s thoughts, my favourite character in the series is Hayama, so I really enjoyed translating this chapter. Hope you enjoy it too!

(P.S. I am so hyped for SAO II…! Er, that’s irrelevant though.)


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