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Volume 2, Afterword: 100% (Last Updated 7/28/14)

Volume 2 Complete!

It’s been a while since my last update, but I decided to finish the rest of volume 2 in one hit! A big thanks to my editor msirp for working so quickly and for pointing out when I take my love of dumb internet memes and Aussie slang too far.

I’ll be taking a short break from translating and starting work on volume 3 next month. Till next time, guys. Enjoy the volume!

Edit: The PDF/ePUB will be released after the volume goes through its final edits, as per usual.

Various Updates (And a Poll!)

Firstly and most importantly, chapters 2 and 3 are up!

Secondly, the colour illustrations have been translated into English. Thanks a lot to Rayne for the typesetting.

Thirdly, chapter 1 has been edited with a few more cultural notes. I managed to catch more of the references this time around. I have to thank the Japanese fans who compiled a list of references in the novels – they’ve made my task as a translator a whole lot easier.

Finally, I’d like to thank you readers for the support you’ve given us here at Nano Desu. A simple thank you means a lot to us, and while I don’t respond to every comment, I do take them to heart. So, bearing in mind that this is a project done for your benefit, I’d like to hear your opinion about the project going forward: how often would you prefer to have your updates?

The results obviously won’t affect the speed at which the translation will be completed overall. At the current rate I’ve been translating, volume 2 will be done by the end of July. The next chapter is very long, though (just shy of 120 pages), so it will take some time to complete. My own inclination is to post full chapters so that I don’t mess up the reading pace, but if enough readers vote otherwise, I will consider more frequent updates.

In any case, I hope you enjoy chapter 3! While it’s fun to translate Hachiman’s thoughts, my favourite character in the series is Hayama, so I really enjoyed translating this chapter. Hope you enjoy it too!

(P.S. I am so hyped for SAO II…! Er, that’s irrelevant though.)

Volume 1 ePub is Avaiable

Hi everyone, thanks for waiting. The first volume of Oregairu is now also avaiable in ePub format! Enjoy!

Vol 1 Full Cover

- Whitesora

Chapter 1 Done

This chapter would have been published a lot sooner if I wasn’t so afraid of plagiarising myself. See, the thing is, back when I was translating Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko (which you can read here) I was taking a translating course. I decided to translate Hachiman’s workplace tour survey form in volume 2 (plus a couple of other miscellaneous pages) for my assessed project and, well, you know what university professors are like.


Other minor updates:

  • When I uploaded the prologue, I was an idiot and forgot to upload one of the illustrations. It’s there now, so go check out the prologue of volume 2 if you haven’t read it already. Or you can simply view the image here.
  • This is something that’s uniform across all Nano Desu translations, but the translations are now shown
    in a brighter font like this.
  • We hope this makes your reading experience more pleasant and enjoyable. Hope you like volume 2 so far!

Volume 1 PDF Avaiable

Hey everyone, thanks for the wait! The first volume of Oregairu is now avaiable in PDF format, enjoy! EPub version will come shortly after.

Vol 1 Full Cover

- Whitesora

Volume 2 TL is Under way

Well, Oregairu readers, it’s Frog-kun here! Now that I’ve officially taken over the project, you can expect regular updates from this project once again. The prologue is already up and running.

Just a couple of things you readers should be aware of. Three translators have worked on this series so far (Wintermance, Nano and myself). This naturally means that there will be minor inconsistencies between volumes 1 and 2. My translating style is also different from the other translators who have worked on Oregairu. First of all, I use British English, so that means slightly different spelling and punctuation. I also tend not to use footnotes as often, and there will be times when I localise cultural humour and puns. I won’t change anything major, of course (no rice balls = donuts here lol). I’ll try to let the story speak for itself as much as I can.

Hope you enjoy this volume as much as the first!

Announcing our new OreGaIru translator: Frog-kun!

Hey all,

It’s official! The translator for the second volume onwards of Oregairu will be Frog-kun! Frog-kun was our translator for Henneko Volume 1, but will be passing that project over to Nurin and take his place at the helm of this project. Frog-kun is currently working on finalizing Henneko Volume 1 (which is fully posted, by the way, so check it out), but you can expect Volume 2 to start in the near future!



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