The Drama CD is now subbed on Youtube!

Click here to access the playlist on Youtube! Note that track 11 is the character song: “Bright Generation.” It has been translated with a karaoke singalong.

The videos are also embedded in the post below:


Current Progress

Progress Bar:

Oregairu Unrelease – Completed 10/15/2015

Oregairu Unrelease Schedule

I have written this post to confirm that, yes, we are taking down all the material from this site, as per Nano Desu policy. The unrelease schedule is as follows:

8/15 – Volume 1 will be taken down, including the ePub/PDF
9/15 – Volumes 2-4 ePubs/PDFs will be taken down
10/15 – Volumes 2-4 text will be taken down

Apologies for the late announcement. We reached out to Yen Press in an attempt to have some input on the terminology/translation conventions in the official release. We were unable to come to any agreement, however. In any case, we at Nano Desu support the Yen Press release, and we sincerely hope that you purchase the light novel when it becomes available.

In any case, it’s been a lot of fun translating Oregairu. I feel that I learned a lot as a translator from working on that series and I don’t regret any of the time I spent on it. In the meantime, I’ve started another translation project: Qualidea of Scum and a Gold Coin. I sincerely hope you check it out!

P.S. It should go without saying that we do not approve of piracy. Please do not distribute our translations past the removal date. Any comments containing download links will be deleted.

Oregairu has been licensed by Yen Press

Today, we have some momentous news! Oregairu has been licensed by Yen Press!

Here at Nano Desu, we support the official release one hundred per cent and we recommend that you buy it when it becomes available.

So what does that mean for the fan translation project here? Because the official translation won’t be released until 2016, we have still not worked out what will happen over the next few months. It is also in our interest to keep translations accessible for those who may not have access to official releases, so we are trying our best to work through this matter.

Please stay tuned for further updates in the weeks to come.

Volume 4 PDF and ePub now Available

It’s been a long time coming, but here it is. We appreciate everyone’s patience while we worked on this volume. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on this series. I look forward to hearing from you all on our next exciting project.


– DevilHands

Volume 4 Finished!

Time for confetti!

Before you ask, yes, there will be a final update for the PDFs/ePubs sometime down the track. The coloured images and interludes will be included with the PDF release. But beyond that, all work on Oregairu is done at Nano Desu. No further translations will be posted. I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did!

So what now after this? I wrote some final words about Oregairu on my blog, along with my translation plans for the future. You can also follow me on Twitter if you ever want to ask me something.

If you enjoyed my work on Oregairu, I hope you’ll keep following my translations in the future. I will continue to strive for the smoothest, most accurate translations I am capable of.

That’s all. Hope you enjoy volume 4 and the upcoming anime!

Volume 4 will be published in its entirety before the second season of the anime airs

I’ve been getting questions about when the rest of the volume will be uploaded. As I’ve mentioned in the last update, the raw translation was completed a while ago (over a month ago, in fact). The plan was to coordinate the publish date with the airing of the second season of the anime. That’s April 3rd, by the way.

So… there you go! Rest assured the rest of the volume will be out very soon.

For now, chapters 4 and 5 have been uploaded. I hope you enjoy them! I think the final scene in chapter 5 was my favourite to translate in the entire series. Sometimes, Watari’s prose is a thing of beauty. I hope I managed to capture the ambiance of that scene.

As a side note, I’ve started work on Qualidea. The site will probably open sometime in April, but for now, you can read a sneak preview on the Nano Desu forums here.

Volume 3 PDF and ePub Avaiable

Hi everyone, you’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and they’re finally here! Oregairu Volume 3 is now avaiable for download in both PDF and ePub formats!

*Update: The ePub file has been fixed and should no longer cause issues for some users during file conversion.


– Whitesora

An Update \o/

Chapter 3 is up!

Better news: I finished translating the entire volume two weeks ago. I can’t tell you when the chapters will be uploaded because that depends on my editors. You should be grateful you can’t read the translation right now because tbqh it sucks ass. Thank goodness for editors, I say.

Right now, I have been taking a break from translating. I will start Qualidea sometime later when I feel ready. I put a lot of work into Oregairu and I’m still feeling sort of burnt out from it.

To finish off this post, I’ll leave you with a light novel recommendation: “I’ll Make You Into An Otaku, So Make Me Into A Riajuu!” And before you say, “What a stupid title! Why should I read that?” I have to ask why you’re reading a novel called “My Teen Romcom is Wrong as Expected”.

Volume 4 Start!

Yep, chapter 1 is up! I’ve translated the first five six chapters already, so they just need to get edited. A big thank you to my two editors Thomas and msirp for their hard work!

Note: Some of the cultural elements in Hachiman’s book report might be unfamiliar to readers, so I’ve written some detailed notes on my blog.

Edit: Chapter 2 is up as well!

About Volume 3 PDF and Volume 4 Translation Progress

No update today since I wanted to make a few things clear.

First of all, please don’t keep asking when the volume 3 PDF/ePub will be released. It’s long-established policy among Nano Desu projects that the PDF/ePubs will be made after the final edits. Truthfully speaking, I cannot give you an expected time frame for this to be completed. The editing and the PDFs are completely out of the translator’s hands.

The editor for Oregairu, msirp, has been extremely busy with other Nano Desu projects as well as real life-related matters. Unfortunately, this means that the editing for this translation has been slow lately and you probably can’t expect the volume 3 PDF/ePub out soon. We’re prioritising the volume 4 translations, but again I cannot tell you when they will be published on the website.

If you’re curious, I’ve already translated two-and-a-half chapters of volume 4. That’s just over eighty pages altogether, so I’m making good progress. At this stage, it might simply be more efficient to just post the entire volume in one hit. In any case, I fully expect to finish volume 4 before March. So yes, rest assured the project is still on track, even if the site updates are infrequent.

Some people have already asked me about this, but I may as well formally announce it here. After Oregairu volume 4, I will be picking up Qualidea of Scum and Gold Coin. For those who don’t know about this light novel, it’s the collaboration novel between Wataru Watari and Sagara Sou. (Official website here.) Since I’ve translated works by both authors, I feel compelled to give this LN a shot.

Finally (and this may come as a surprise to some of you, in which case I’m sincerely sorry) I will be stepping down from translating Oregairu after volume 4. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s simply not a good investment of my time to re-translate entire novels, especially when I don’t feel my translation would significantly improve the earlier translation. You can read the rest of the series on Kyakka.

In the meantime, we plan to ensure that all the volumes have an English translation by the time the second season of the anime airs.  Spyro/Excorcism plans to eventually translate the earlier volumes as well, so the good news for you readers is that you’ll have the luxury of choice. As for me, I will be translating Qualidea as I mentioned before. After that, my fate is up in the air. I hope you continue to read and enjoy my translations!