Update History

3/31/2015 – Volume 4 Chapter 6, 7, 8 and Afterword Translated

3/25/2015 – Volume 4 Chapter 4 and 5 Translated

3/05/2015 – Volume 4 Chapter 3 Translated

2/17/2015 – Volume 4 Chapter 2 Translated

1/31/2015 – Volume 4 Chapter 1 Translated

12/26/2014 – Volume 3 Bonus Track Updated

12/07/2014 – Volume 3 Chapter 5 and 6 Translated

11/09/2014 – Volume 3 Chapter 4 Translated

10/07/2014 – Volume 3 Chapter 3 Translated

09/09/2014 – Volume 3 Chapter 2 Translated

08/20/2014 – Volume 3 Chapter 1 Translated

07/28/2014 – Volume 2 Chapter 4, 5 and Afterword Translated

07/03/2014 – Volume 2 Chapter 3 Translated

06/23/2014 – Volume 2 Chapter 2 Translated

06/18/2014 – Volume 2 Chapter 1 Translated

06/06/2014 – Volume 2 Prologue Translated

05/14/2014 – Volume 1 Chapter 7, 8 and Afterword Translated

04/14/2014 – Volume 1 Chapter 6 Translated

03/28/2014 – Volume 1 Chapter 5 Translated

03/23/2014 – Volume 1 Chapter 4 Translated

10/26/2013 – Volume 1 Chapter 3 Translated

07/23/2013 – Volume 1 Chapter 2 Translated

07/05/2013 – Volume 1 Chapter 1 Translated

43 thoughts on “Update History

  1. Thank you a lot! I am planning to translate your translation to spanish (I am peruvian). I, really, appreciate what you are doing. I was looking for this novels so bad. Thanks again and greetings from Perú.

  2. I’d like to ask permission to post some of the translations, pictures, etc. onto one of the Yahari wikias (yahari.wikia.com). Of course, credits and maybe a link to site would be included. In fact, I’ve already uploaded some pictures (I’m sorry), but if permission is not granted then I’ll take them down immediately.

  3. Is this translation still active? I haven’t seen anything new on this site in roughly a month so I figured I’d ask straight out instead of sitting around wondering.

  4. Thanks for translating this light novel. I loved the anime and have read some uhh.. spoilers? of volume 8. I just want to ask if you will be working from v1 to v8 or will you be jumping volumes (ex v1, v8, v4 etc.)?

  5. Not to sound impatient but when do you expect the first volume to be finished? I loved the anime and I want to read the light novel too 😀 thanks for translating! I hope you’ll get to translate all the volumes someday

  6. I know a lot of people are waiting for this to get past the anime, and it might take awhile, but thank you guys for translating this!

  7. Thanks guys! Just finished Volume 1 in one sitting :D, looking forward to the completion of Volume 2.. Faster please,, JK!! ^_^

  8. Thanks for the hard work! It’s fantastic that the team working on this is taking the time to put out a quality translation and I wish you all the best.

      • Ok, lol thanks. Sorry, I just recently found this sight after I decided I couldn’t wait to see what happens next in the anime. I read somewhere ited be 2015 before season2, so I figured time to dive into the light novels.
        Btw, I don’t know if I’m allowed to ask or not, but is there any chance your team might be working on Haganai as well?
        From the looks of it, you all seem to really know what you’re doing and I’d like to be able to read Haganai’s light novel series as well from a good translator team.

      • Unfortunately there are no plans to pick up Haganai at present. I believe that guhehe (another group) is currently actively translating it as well.

  9. Sorry i ended up goin to sleep, thank you for the heads up. I couldn’t find them when I looked up haganai earlier, so thank you for the help ^^

  10. Does NanoDesu and Kyakka have an actual agreement on which novels you guys are translating?
    Right now I’m assuming that NanoDesu is translating volumes 1-5, and Kyakka is translating all the volumes 6 and after.

    • We do not pursue official collaborations as a group. Any and all such decisions are up to the individual translator, and we will stand by and support his/her decision.

  11. I’ve read your Twitter and it’s been more than a week. Do you need editorial assistance? I would be glad to help in any way that means quicker times to post. Thanks!

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