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Bonus Track! “Birthday Song for You”

Track 1

(This bonus track is a novelisation of the Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru vol. 3 limited edition drama CD script. The CD script covers an episode after the events of volume 3. We recommend you read and listen to the CD after you finish reading this volume. We apologise in advance for any parts that sound different from the voices in this edited manuscript.)


Along with signifying the day of your birth, it is a day that gives birth to new trauma.

For example, birthday parties where you’re the only one not invited, or feeling touched when someone sings ‘Happy Birthday’, except it’s for a classmate born on the same day, or birthday cakes that spell your name wrong… hang on, what was my mother doing with that last one? Don’t get your own son’s name wrong!

That being said, perhaps the reason a baby cries when it is born is not from deep emotion about entering the world, but from separating from its mother and experiencing loneliness for the first time.

Thus, one’s birthday is the start of loneliness.

According to the ancients, a leopard never changes its spots.

As such, spending one’s birthday alone is the correct path and hanging out with friends at birthday parties is the wrong path… although there’s nothing wrong with celebrating for another person, I guess.

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