Track 12

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Track 12

Totsuka gripped his drink with both hands and made a sucking sound through his straw. “Ah, my drink’s all gone.”

“Hm, okay, I’ll bring one over.”

Gingerly, I took the glass from Totsuka and stood up, holding my own glass while I was at it. Having guessed my intentions, Totsuka smiled brightly and told me his order. “Thanks. Then I’ll have a coffee.”

“Roger that. Anyone else?” I asked, looking around.

Yukinoshita raised her cup quickly. “Hikigaya-kun, I’ll have grey tea.”


“Then I’ll have cola,” Komachi said.

“’kay. What about you, Gahama-san?” I went on to ask Gahama-san, but she turned her nose up at me and refused to answer.



“Urk! …hmph!”

Even though I tried asking her again, Gahama-san turned to me with anger on her face for a split moment, and then immediately turned away, leaving me scratching my head in slight concern. There was nothing for it. I would have to call her by that name.

“Ahhh… you wanna drink something? Yuiyui.”

“Ah, sorry, I’ll do without the nickname after all…” Yuiyui said as she clapped her hands together.

“Don’t be shy. Drink something, Yuiyui.”

“Stop, I said! I’ll have the same thing as Komachi-chan!”

“Aye aye, one cola coming up, Yui.”

“Quit it! …huh?” Yuigahama blinked rapidly a couple of times, a dumbfounded look on her face.

Well, um, how do you say it? A slip of the tongue..

Next was Zaimokuza.

“Zaimokuza, you drinking something? Curry?”

“Are you treating me as a fat character, you lout…? I will have the Ultra Divine Water (1).”

“Cider then. Got it.”

“He actually understood that…” Komachi muttered. “Onii-chan sure gets along with Chuuni-san…”

After I took everyone’s orders, I opened the door and left the room.

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(1) The Ultra Divine Water is magic water from Dragon Ball that will increase the drinker’s strength if they can survive its poisonous effects.

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