Track 7

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Track 7

At the front desk, the owner operated the till for us.

“Yuigahama-san’s reservation, was it? Your room is number 208. The mic and remote control are in your room. When your time is running out, I will phone you to let you know.”

“All right, thank you so much.”

As Yuigahama took the basket with the sales slip inside, Zaimokuza started talking to me.

“Hey, Hachiman.”

“Huh? What?”

“That was your sister before, was it not?”

“Yeah, it was…”

Somehow, I had a bad feeling about where this was going…

“…I see. By the way, Brother, what may your little sister’s name be? Also, her age and hobbies in detail.”

“I’m not breathing a word. Also, next time you call me Brother I’ll punch you.”

“Hmph. How cold, bro.”

“Bro is forbidden too!”

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