Track 9

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Track 9

Yukinoshita sunk the kitchen knife into the cake.

“Those six slices of yours are neat…” I said.

“Not really. It’s nothing too special.” Yukinoshita placed the carefully cut cake in front of us calmly.

“Whoa, it really is. Yukinon, are you a Type A?” Yuigahama asked with light surprise, her eyes on Yukinoshita.

“Where did that come from…?”

“Ah, I mean you’re so methodical.”

“I wouldn’t say Yukinoshita’s methodical,” I said. “She’s fastidious and a perfectionist – that kind of thing.”

“How ridiculous… what is the causal link between blood type and personality?”

Looking less than enthused with blood type horoscopes, Yukinoshita exuded her particular icy aura. That was counteracted by Totsuka’s warm voice.

“Ah, but I’m a Type A, you know. I’m kinda fixated by small details, I guess…”

“I see. Totsuka, you will make a fine bride one day.”

“Q-quit teasing me, Hachiman…” Totsuka blushed bright red.

Yukinoshita, who was right next to Totsuka, turned her cold gaze on me. “Not that it matters, but I think you treat me quite differently…”

Man, the difference in temperature was extreme. Was this room a self-contained desert climate?

The one who broke the mood was our resident mood-breaker Zaimokuza-san.

“Harumph, it is not necessarily untrue. It is said that Type ABs have two different personalities, but it is strange to say it aloud. As I speak, my other self may awaken at any moment… kuuuuh! Not now! Stay down, my right hand!”

“Could you please take your silly diversions outside…?” Yukinoshita said. “Yuigahama-san, what type were you again?”

“Me? I’m a Type O,” Yuigahama answered.

Komachi hit her hand against her palm as if she were agreeing with something. “You’re a wishy-washy Oh Type!”

“What’s with the pun?” I asked. “Then what about an Eh Type?”

“Oh dear…” said Yukinoshita. “If Yuigahama-san is a Type O, then the blood type horoscope is showing its credibility.”

“Hey, wai-! Am I that wishy-washy?!”

“Yui-san, it’s okay,” said Komachi. “I’m a Type O too.”

“What are you going by when you say it’s okay…?” I demanded.

“Eh? …I could give her a blood transfusion or something.”

Yukinoshita shuddered at the wave of wishy-washiness. “It fits… the credibility is getting higher…”

“So what’s your blood type, Yukino-san? So you are a Type A?” Komachi asked.

“I’m a Type B,” Yukinoshita answered readily.

“Ah. Now I believe in blood type horoscopes,” I said.

“What are you implying…?”

“Ah, it’s just that you want to do everything your way and you’re egoistical and you’re sooo overbearing. I agreed with it.”

“By that logic, you must be a Type B as well.”

“My bro is a Type A, you know?” Komachi said.

The air in the room instantly froze over.



“Oi, I get the feeling your surprise doesn’t bode well for me.”

“WHOOOOOOOA! H-Hachiman is a Type EHHHHHHHHHH?! No way, it cannot be! To think this irresponsible slacker and uncooperative loner is a Type A! No matter how you look at it, you have none of the qualities of a humble farmer, thank you very much.”

“Shit… I wanna punch him…”

As I restrained my right fist from connecting with Zaimokuza’s chin, a dismayed Totsuka opened his mouth. “S-sorry. Hachiman… I’m a bit surprised too, I guess.”

“T-Totsuka…” I half-sobbed without thinking.

“Ah, b-but if something bad does happen, I can give you my blood!”

“T-Totsukaaaa!” I cried out in joy without thinking.

Right then, I wasn’t the only one who was pleased – Yukinoshita was also smiling with a modest amount of joy. “What a relief. Thanks to Hikigaya-kun, I can completely deny blood type horoscopes.”

“Like I said, stop saying that with a kinda nice smile. You wound me!”

“Oh, I’m so sorry… there is perhaps a possibility that you have a complicated family situation and that you are lying about your blood type. I might have been imprudent. I apologise.” Yukinoshita laid the belligerence on thick with her apology.

“Don’t say that stuff in front of my blood-related sister. If I didn’t know she was blood-related, I don’t know what would happen, okay.”

The fact that she was my blood-related sister was a safeguard, but if she wasn’t, the love might come pouring out of me, seriously. As if those feelings had gotten across to her, Yuigahama reacted as if she had been singed.

“That’s not just a siscon, that’s a sexual deviant!” she wailed.

“Well, as far as I’m concerned, that’s part of the deal,” said Komachi. “Ah, that might’ve made my Komachi points go up?”

“Your society points go way down! This girl’s also kinda loony! They really are siblings!”

“See, our blood types are different but our personalities are relatively close. So it’s got to do with our upbringing, don’cha think?”

“Right, right, we both like celery and end up hogging it.” Also, we both disliked summer and we both tried to compromise.

“What kind of upbringing would turn out like this…?” Yukinoshita wondered aloud. “I’d like to meet your parents just once…”

“Please do! If I introduce you, Yukino-san, our parents will cry tears of joy,” Komachi chirped, her cheerfulness completely overblown.

Yukinoshita tilted her head in confusion. “Hm? Why would that be?”

“Huh, why you ask? Because you’re onii-chan’s…”

“What about Hikigaya-kun?”

“…hrm, it’s nothing… how weird, that didn’t trigger a flag!” Komachi said something under her breath.

But in response, Yuigahama coughed as if trying to steer the conversation. “Aheeeem, ah, I kinda want to meet them too. I-I guess.”

At that instant, Komachi’s eyes came alight with a ping. “Yui-san, by all means come over to hang out sometime! It’s happening, it’s happening!” she sang under her breath.


Komachi and Yuigahama seemed to be getting along well. But they were forgetting something important. “Stop that, we have a cat. You’re no good with cats.”

“Oh, crap! Y-you’re riiiiight!” Yuigahama’s face fell exaggeratedly.

Totsuka’s reaction to the word cat was the complete opposite of that. “Ah, Hachiman’s cat is super cute!”

“You think so? He’s shameless, he hits the floor with his tail when you call out his name, and when he guzzles water during the night, he totally looks like a demon. Oh, and when you get home he sniffs around your smelly legs and breathes in and out.”

Er, actually, a person who isn’t attached to those felines would get that sort of impression. But that part of them could also be seen as cute.

Totsuka seemed to be a cat lover, so he reacted huffily to the bad parts about cats I just said. “Huuuuh? But it’s cute! Yeah. I wanna pet him again… can I come to your house sometime?”

“Y-yeah… w-when my parents aren’t around.”

“Ohh, why the imposition?”

Zaimokuza, that really goes without saying.

As Totsuka and I were flirting, I could see Yukinoshita squirming bashfully out of the corner of my eye. “H-Hikigaya-kun… I, that is, I’d also-”

“Huh?” I asked her back, not really hearing what she had said.

But Yukinoshita shrugged off the question. “I-it’s nothing at all. More importantly, the cake has been cut, so let’s eat.”

“Ah. You’re right. Komachi, pass me a fork.”


As I took a fork from Komachi, I could’ve sworn I heard a quiet, muttering voice.


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3 thoughts on “Track 9

  1. The fact that she was my blood-related sister was a safeguard, but if she wasn’t, the love might come pouring out of me, seriously.

    What the hell, Hikki.

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