Volume 4


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48 thoughts on “Volume 4

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  2. Thank you!
    I’ve made an quick epub for myself since I prefer reading on an e-reader. Do you mind if I share it here while we’re waiting for your official version, Frog-kun?

  3. Um… frog-kun you say you won’t be updating this site any longer. So are you still going to make a PDF for vol 4?

      • Ok thanks. I’m just worried if someones going to license it soon as it seems that the light novel is finishing, Meaning it would be a perfect time to port it to english. Thanks

  4. THIS IS SO GREAT!!!! ^_^ THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!!! Hopefully you guys will get to finish the rest of this light novel series.

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    • Black Heart I see ur comments alot on other translation sites (e.g sao) but most of ur pdfs are made by other people. I don’t think it’s right to save them and publish them on ur own mediafire shared files

      • Disclaimer: I never said i own them (the other pdf and stuff), i just want some backup copy just in case i lost it. Well, its up to you (and other folks) if you want to download the pdf or not.

        and to those who own the other pdf, I deeply apologize for sharing your own works..

      • Just want to ask, what will person gain for sharing their collection. Money? Fame? if not you gain something from it, why doing it????

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